Friday, May 27, 2005

Radiant heat & instant hot water

I'm removing one of these that is 6 years old and very tempermental from a client's home. I hope to keep it for our house. It'll supply heat for our impending radiant system and the domestic hot water. It is small, only 2.9 gallons per minute--one shower at a time please. The solar hot water system should keep this outta work most of the summer and I plan a flue water heater from the wood stove for the winter months. this little guy ($4500 when new) will have an easy retirement at our cottage.



Phoebe Gleeson said...

oo those are killer! they had one in my friend's house in Big Sur.

what a steal!

tabitha said...

i just found out that pete, the national rep, will send me the propane conversion & explain how to take it apart, install the conversion kit and clean it so it can run like new again.


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