Monday, March 03, 2008

pink dress

tabitha made kassi a new pink dress. it was a huge hit--so frilly. she lined it with surplus bed sheet material--very soft.

happy girl

so dancie

can you see the true love?

i put tarps down across the garden. we want to get in there with the tiller.

it has been so wet since spring like conditions started. that i stole the tarp from the root cellar to cover the garden. it rained four inches last night and today.

this water is about a foot deep. not suitable for a storm shelter.

i plan to cover the entire left gap adjacent to the pump house with infill. water should shed out and away from the root cellar. this is a worst case scenario. i'll manage the watershed once i have some more infill. the old tin is covering the poly bags from sundamage--kinda.

here is a view from the back of the root cellar--the bottle wall. this will all be covered by infill. just ahead on the right is going to be the solar storage tank. it will be made like a cinder block building--holding several hundred gallons. i'll insulate it and stucco hydraulic cement on the inside walls--think of a swimming pool. the solar panels will be just above on a rack. they'll cover both the tank and pump house facing south. it is going to be a drain back system--an attempt to manage the hot summer heat and freezing winters. the large thermal mass should last through several cloudy days.

saturday i hauled several wheel barrow loads of gravel into the infill area. i know where i can get some light weight aggregate. i'll need several truck loads but it'll be worth the trouble.

this little pile of wood is all that i have left for the winter--minus the filled wood box on the porch. i hope it will last. only a few loads are in the dry. did i mention that we are expecting over a foot of snow this evening?
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