Sunday, March 23, 2008

garden map update

as is always the case we didn't stick to the map. so i just changed the map.

i tilled the lower part of the garden and added four wheel barrow loads of compost. the lower part is the left side of the map. i'll try to get a soaker hoses ready so tabitha can plant the appropriate things (beets). we have been known to eat tons of beets. last year our fall beets failed dismally and we suffered. mostly we couldn't get into the garden in time.

yesterday we set three big cedar corner posts. i cut them in the morning and they were very sappy. i also had to cut more of that huge red oak up. i had to get it out of our way for fencing.

we also moved sixteen wild raspberry plants to the upper yard. they are planted next to the strawberry raised bed.

i made a compost tea to amend them in. i hope they do well.

needless to say i am ruined muscle sore right now. it was carrying the huge fence posts and digging the holes (extremely rocky even for ozarks standards). forking the compost into the wheel barrow this morning did me in.

happy easter


tansy said...

how big is the garden? 70' x ? it looks great.

i really should plan out our garden, i just sort of throw things in as i get them and make sure i rotate them out. i sketch it in my garden book as i go to keep track from year to year.

hillbilly2be said...

Ha! I have a hard time following the plans too. Much easier to just change the map. Maybe I'll just take a pic when everything pops up. :)

Digging those post holes sure can make ya sore! Hope you got to relax while the kids wore off all the extra energy. From the pics (your next post) it looks like they had a blast. It sure was a nice day in these parts.

Take it easy,

Danielle said...

Hard work...Ugh! Keeps us honest though and healthy!

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