Wednesday, March 05, 2008

st. louis

we are off for testing to st. louis for toly. C.F. , celiac, and allergies among others. i am depressed about the possibility of C.F.

pray for us.


---- update ----

upper G.I. this morning--another one. fecal testing for the usual suspects, assuming we can get a stool sample. new doctor seems competent. in his preliminary opinion, he says C.F. doesn't seem likely. although we'll test for everything.

the biggest trouble is, toly's medicine is working full force. he isn't really presenting any of the bad symptoms. it's kinda like taking a car to the mechanic and it doesn't act up. there was some miscommunication and a weird diagnosis tangent. i think we are making some headway here.

tansy, our host, has been fabulous. when we arrived late there was a hot bowl if split pea soup and corn bread waiting for us. her warm relaxing home is a comfort in the midst of this storm.

children's hospital st. louis is great. everything has exceeded our expectations.

thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. they seem to be working.
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