Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bees arrive accompanied by spring

i know spring isn't officially here for a couple of days yet. today is a glorious.

the daffodils are blooming.

the fruit trees are budding up.

the willow is leafing out.

kassi thinks it is spring too.

the ice storm killed one of my "show" bamboo plants. argh..

clothes on the line are always a beautiful thing.

the bees have arrived. they are safe and seem to like the place. kassi is so excited. she greets them and stand back and admires their activities.

this is the busiest hive. the activity level is amazing.

this hive seems a little less robust. i might end up replacing this queen if they don't do well.

tristan lost his front top tooth. very important business for a five year old. the camera focused on kassi--too bad for the missed close-up.

toly is excited about the prospect of spring too.

this is the little wet weather brook that flows down the ravine. cute isn't it?

this is how much rain we got over the past thirty or so hours. the drain plug leaks so i'm sure that this isn't an accurate measure.

the garlic really liked the rain. we are guessing 8+ inches of rain. some of the garlic has to pierce the oak leaf mulch. i imagine i'll have to help it out a bit. the onions not-shown are rained in and should take off also.

i am very excited about the bees but a little scared. not scared of the bees but scared like "God, what have i gotten myself into?"
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