Sunday, March 16, 2008

we are home

we had a wonderful visit with tansy. our kids bonded with hers in a profound way. i finally got to walk around her farm and enjoy it a little. her kids have a fort. we desperately need a fort here at the pile. we had great food and conversation. tabitha enjoyed a class that tansy was teaching on making cough drops and syrups. i was still in decompress mode from the hospital and couldn't enjoy anything except mindlessly watching the kids play from a cozy chair. he older kids are enviously helpful around the farm.

the hospital was fine--no results yet. well, that is not true. we now know of a ton of awful things that it isn't. we are still waiting for biopsy results from the lab. if they can't find anything wrong then it will be good news--kinda. we will know it isn't a bunch more awful stuff. we are attempting an elimination diet. our first day was thwarted by another hospital visit--can you believe it?

tabitha started having weird contractions. i was working at bobs trying to make up for some lost money. she called and said we need to go to the hospital. "what?" i dashed home and took a starving pile toward the hospital. we decided to drop tabitha off at the emergency room and i'd take the kids to get some food in them. drive through food never qualifies for anything except gastric distress.

when we got back to the hospital they sent us directly up to the maternity ward. three kids in tow we ventured to the third floor. the maternity nurse said she hasn't arrived yet and directed us to a little room. i said "there seems to be lots for my kids to get into in there." she said "they'll be fine." after scheming to surprise mommy like a birthday greeting. the nurses needed to be brought in to the fold.

the little surprise would have worked perfectly if the transferring nurse would have been in the fold also. the kids were so excited that the second the door latch started to turn they screamed "surprise." the nurse recoiled and didn't finish opening the door. foiled again.

tabitha is fine a little dehydration topped with stress of st. louis. they fed her and observed her for a while. we left thinking what a wonderful way to spend a fine saturday afternoon. at least everyone got fed..

today we plan to plant the second row that i tilled before we left for st. louis. we have had too much rain to really do much more. i also plan to dig a couple of fence post holes for the back paddock. i'll need to cut down a cedar tree to use as the corner posts.

oh crap, i just realized that i'll have to cut down a huge tree that is dying and will be looming over our new fence. this must be done before fencing can be finished.

i called the bee guy last night and left a message. i hope to hear from him today. i'll call again after all area church services let out.

things are really greening up around here. i'll post some photos this afternoon.


Mysti said...

I'm sending this along because we cleared SEVERAL things up by cutting out dairy.. Yeah, we LOVED the stuff, but our health was much more important. This was part of an elimination diet as well, and we were surprised that it was the culprit. Research if further, and even if it's not the problem, you still might not want to digest it. Just a thought, and I hope everyone is well. :)

tansy said...

glad to hear tabitha is ok.

jaden keeps saying tristan is her boyfriend...he rates with joe guire and harry potter! :)

hillbilly2be said...

Sorry to hear that the hospital could not pinpoint things. I suppose it is good news that many awful things are eliminated... but not knowing has got to be tough. Eliminating some things from the diet sounds like a good idea - at least it is something you can do yourself without waiting around.

Of course all of this had to happen in spring, when you are already so busy. :)


uncle matt said...

Welcome home! Hospital...bad. Two trips...twice as bad. Thank you, Tansy, for taking care of My Pile.
By the way, the kids can use the cottage that you build me as a fort until I get there. But, watch them around the jacuzzi. they can use my water wings.

Life at Dogfight Cove said...

Hi Karl- thanks for all you feedback, what fun! I think that your older kids might be able to play pente- it is really fun and the board and the pieces add kind of a mystical element that the kids would probably like. I'd love to invited to read Tabitha's blog! We hope to stop not trying to get pregnant pretty darn soon.

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