Monday, May 25, 2009

burdizzo castration

well, we thought that dehorning was bad. tabitha and i mustered the courage to use the burdizzo. this device is allegedly the most humane way to castrate an animal. is there a humane way to castrate? here is a photo of after the deed. this is for our records. we are expecting these to noticeably shrink in three weeks.

the device basically crushes the vas deference and the accompanying nerve. it makes the most awful crushing sound, tabitha almost vomited. allegedly only slight bruising will occur. we gave him a large dose of bovine drugs. he seems fine now a few hours later.

between downpours i have finished the rock-work on the root cellar.

i covered it with tarp to keep the soil from eroding before i have a chance to grade it and plant it with mint and violets.

the cap stone seem small from this vantage but they extend back into the dirt.

my beautiful woman admiring my effort.

the pole beans are finally starting to climb the arch.

the tomatillos are about a week away from ripe fruit.

this is the mint that will cover my rootcellar.

risking being smited for being too prideful, the beets are doing nicely

so are the onions.

please don't smite us..

tasty greens. we had a few new potatoes the other night. OMG...
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