Monday, May 04, 2009

bakercreek spring festival #4

we did a bit of shopping at the festival. our goal was to acquire the perfect eggplant. our favorite plant seller was out of eggplant. we were forced to purchase from vendors without references. this was our fourth year and we have formed alliances. anyway here is our booty..
- - rachel hot pepper hot with sweet flesh
- - 2 italian heirloom pepperoncini
- - hybrid orient express eggplant
- - heirloom little fingers eggplant
- - italian heirloom eggplant listada de gandia
- - celiosa pink flower for kassi
- - and various seeds that were on sale or sorely needed.

the pirate rope maker was sadly absent. i asked gere geller where he was. allegedly he just started a new job and time off for this monday event was not an option. one of the other vendors had rope making equipment which pleased the kids.
kassi took her task very seriously.

tristan was her able bodied helper holding the other end.

remarkable cooperation was necessary. this is tristans third rope. kassi has spent the last year hearing about his great rope that he made himself.

kassi would accept no help.

it seemed to take forever and she appeared tired but her will would not allow any assistance. she must be able to forever to say i made this myself..

aah, sweet success..

rome didn't care about the rope making...

toly used the other rope maker. obviously of better design.

his task required a bit more force since the machine speed ratio was almost three times greater.

that was rough work.

there were several changes from last year. the most noticeable was that they had a restaurant. the food was excellent. with only one menu item remaining, they ran out of everything else, the food was free. a donation was encouraged. we tipped and donated. i am sure that they made a killing. the place was packed.

the entrance was new/different, kinda like a castle gate. more pioneer attractions were everywhere. the booths were sprawling over several acres.

kassi made a heirloom seed bracelet. tristan learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine.

we listened to and enjoyed several live musicians. the music came from several different epicenters. traversing through the vendor booths one musical group would leave focus while another would brighten and overwhelm the background noise. period dress wasn't required but most everyone had at least a token pioneer accessory.

we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. the kids were commenting to eachother on the long ride home as to what great fun it was. whew it is nice to be home..
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