Thursday, May 21, 2009

birthday celebration

tabitha and the kids made me a birthday cake. my friend sent me home a mess of wall-eye and kassi picked a salad. it was a great meal.

my best friend sent me a card. he always sends the coolest cards.

my birthday present to myself was that i spent most of it working on my root cellar. if my luck holds i'll get another large chunk of time in on it today. like warren said "it has been a great old friend" although i'll have plenty hanging over my head still..

i also want to squeak in a little effort on the chicken coop. now that the girls are moved in i have had the opportunity to discover some necessary alterations. the storage area is still just a pile of construction rubble that needs cleaning.

this morning we need to stretch the electric fence on the other paddock. the grass is tall and seeded out. we'll let jocelyn in there to eat what she can before i brush hog it in a few weeks. i used the weed-eater and made the necessary perimeter early yesterday morning.

our half beef that we bought should be ready very soon. we have been binging on pork long enough. i look forward to steaks on the grill very soon.

i was little dismayed to discover that some pundits were discussing my blog on their forum. the comparison to john galt required a little google-fu. i purposefully never read any ayn rand. the hippie and enviro-weenie slights i could have done without. mostly they seemed convinced that we live like this out of fear. no, this is a conscious choice. this american's dream doesn't require me to worship the almighty dollar. tabitha said it better than i could ever could. she blogged this a few days ago.

"The Internet Gets Me Down

I was reading somewhere in the vast internets from a group of people who think we are crazy for wanting to use less, pollute less, and preserve the environment. How can that be? In my way of thinking, it doesn’t matter how you feel about ‘global warming’ or the government. Using less is the honorable way to live. Why should we be so greedy? Why not use just what we need? Does it make a person happier/healthier/more holy to use more than they need? Is it their ‘right’? Even now we use way more than we need, but we are trying with our every effort to create the things we use here, or procure them locally at least, to offset our use so that others can have more/live longer/ be more free. In turn, we hope our children will see our choices and whether or not they live this way they will learn it is possible. That is the bottom line. How can that be crazy?"
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