Sunday, May 24, 2009


kassi is the naturalist of the shorter omelay's. she is forever picking up flowers, animals and plants. finally after hundreds of requests for flora names tabitha made a link to missouri wildflower guide for kassi on the computer.

yesterday kassi picked a few flowers from the field and went inside. she came out proclaiming that she knew their name. tristan and kassi sat at the computer and researched the flowers successfully. it was one of those epiphany moments.

tristan, the technophile has known the wonders of the computer for years. kassi has always dwelled in the physical realm. i know that each child is obviously different. tristan taught himself how to read mostly attributed to starfall wherein kassi is learning to read in a much more standard fashion.

finally, kassi is excited about the computer. she sees that it can be a useful tool for her desires. i love it when one of my kids becomes empowered. i hope that this excitement sticks. there is nothing greater than having the ability to teach yourself at your own pace.

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