Saturday, May 16, 2009

rock work

i have finally squeezed in some more effort on the root cellar.

over the past few days i have rocked most of the left side and altered the approach a little. that big landing rock weighed a ton.

i figure that i have roughly two more days of rock work left. i should get to it tomorrow if the weather holds. the the back fill will ensue in earnest. this is bob's little tractor with a bucket.

i plan to use this to help with loosening the piles into the wheel barrow. i'll have to take them to the top of the cellar the manual way since there is no way to get the little tractor into a reasonable dumping position.

today was a day of rest. we went to tabitha's fathers house for a little visit and stayed all day. i had to come back home to get some pork chops for the grill. mike did a fine job of grilling them. we had to come home before dark since there were berries to pick.

we got three of these baskets full.

the tomatoes are doing very well in spite of the hail. tonight might be a huge set back since temperatures are supposed to drop down to the lower forties. last night it was almost to hot to sleep. i considered starting up the air conditioner. tonight it is so cool as to almost need a fire in the wood stove. crazy weather..

this is our most robust row.

we are keeping our fingers crossed for a large harvest.

rome has been walking for a few days now. he is so cute. it seems that he must be always carrying something while walking.

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