Thursday, May 21, 2009


toly calls all large dirt moving machinery big-dig.

well it happened i started to cover the root cellar. this has been a long time in the making.

tabitha's father came to the rescue. bob's little tractor wasn't up for the task.

rome said he'd help with his little dig.

tristan, kassi and toly stayed out of harms way and enjoyed the show.

i shoveled and monitored the fruit trees.

the sheer amount of shoveling was incredible.

i found a huge worm and threw it down to toly. he loves them.

mike was having a blast driving his big-dig.

after i shoveled dirt to the further reaches of the roof of the cellar i needed to make some more progress on the wall before the rain tomorrow evening.

just one more tier..

i can almost taste the feeling of completion.

tristan was close at hand to help wherever he could.

a little mud here.

it looks huge from this angle.

i got a little too much sun.

oh it feels so good to be close to the end..

a little video of the festivities.


Tammy said...

wow! very impressive! can't wait to hear about storing your harvest in it!

T said...

what a great blog. kinda my dream. nice to meet you. T

amy said...

What a feeling that must be.
Karl, I have a question about Henry, well sort of. Not a pyrenees.
We have a friend here who needs to give her dog to a good home.
2 year old maremma/anatolian cross. He has been raised with children hanging from him, lol, yet not my children. Would you take the dog were you me.
We live on the ege of the woods and do have lots of room for him and animals for him to guard....I'm so uncertain. The safety of my children is my first concern, but our neighbors have also had a cougar prowling around...
How is your garden and your bamboo?

warren said...

Your hat rocks!

karl said...

tammy, yes there will be many posts about our attempts to store our harvest in there.

t, welcome nice to meet you also. thanks for stopping by.

amy, i know that it isn't a popular opinion but i'd never get any dog that wasn't a puppy. an extremely young puppy. our expectations for a dog are extremely stringent. complete obedience on a few small points is difficult to achieve. getting a puppy is a double edged sword. chewing and errant puppy behavior to name a couple. training a dog to behave the way you want is alot of work but the rewards are worth it.

warren, thanks... i like it too

tansy said...

right on! it's looking great!

now what?! :D

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Yes, yes, looks fantastic and I am so glad you are almost done! :) But let's get to the real important stuff...where did you get that hat and where can I get one? :) Seriously! My face got lobsterfied the other day and that hat is awesome!

Ron said...

Congrat! It looks great... I bet you wish you were the one driving the tractor though. That shoveling is hard on ya. :)


Robbyn said...

woo, it's getting done! love seeing the kiddos cheering you on :)


karl said...

tansy, thanks it has been a long time coming.

jennifer, i got the hat at the tibetan festival in berkeley several years ago.

ron, digging wasn't too bad. the dirt was already loose. i just shoveled tons of it--literally.

robbyn, those kids are great cheerleaders.

Tim said...

Fabtastic job Karl! I wish that I had one of those in my back yard. I could store a lot in there.

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

What a great rootcellar!!
Can it double as a cheese cave?
You guys are awesome!

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