Friday, June 05, 2009

progress photos

tabitha made pancakes. the kids enjoyed the sunflower shape.

hair plugs for root cellars?

there is still a bit of grading to do yet.

this is the dry-stack back side. i did this to keep the dirt of the garage wall.

fruit is really starting to set. these are second tier of tomatoes.

one of our tomatoes died. tabitha put this pepper in the vacant spot.

closing in on tennis ball size. not quite there yet...

this is our compost tea set-up. high tech isn't it?

i filled this bulk feed bucket two thirds the way with compost then topped it off with water and let it set in the sun. i mixed it and broke the clumps until it made a loose slurry. then we strained it.

each plant got about a quart of the stuff.

these yellow pear tomatoes are as big as they are going to get. now they just need to ripen.

any one want some dill?

i can't get over how meaty these vines are.

it is funny how some tomatoes grow in clusters and others seem to be loners.

this is a giant bloom from a cherokee purple.

it is hard to tell how big it really is.

the flea beetles are making a meal of our eggplants. this one is struggling to bloom.

pretty eggplant foliage

our giant bamboo is really taking off this year. i hope it's yearly growth curve keeps up the pace.

purple podded pole bean has purple vines. they are almost to the top.

indy has been gone for a few weeks we were worried about him.

he's home safe and sound.

this tomatillo has these deep purple veins. it is so beautiful.

yummy furry tomato plants.

this is what surround looks like on our cucumbers.

they profess that is doesn't affect the photosynthesis.

jocelyn is just too beautiful. we love her and have such high hopes for her.

the kittens are the source of great happiness and immense strife.
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