Monday, June 29, 2009

trickle of tomatoes

we have been eating a few tomatoes. tabitha is worried that we will be consumed in blight soon. i just want a few canner loads worth of tomatoes. admittedly our canner is huge but we really really want some tomatoes this winter.

tabitha put-up 15 quarts of pickled beets and still has two thirds of a row to go. those beets are amazing. we have been having a majority of our meals from our little farm. this is our busiest time of year. keeping up with the garden has been trying.

we have slaughtered all but eight of our fifty chickens. the plucker works great. i realize now that i didn't get the plucker fingers pulled all the way seated in the bottom feather plate. some of them are flinging out occasionally. when i replace them i secure each one properly. when they are wet they insert better than trying to do it dry. with the knowledge of hindsight i'd use plate aluminum for the feather plate. the hdpe cutting board material is thick and makes the fingers difficult to attach. i doubt that i'll ever need to build another plucker but if i do..

kassi had a marvelous birthday. much friendship was had and everyone really enjoyed it. there were three cakes. new heights were reached in the kids sugar buzz. it was almost like the entire place vibrated. the hillbilly slip and slide was a hit. there is almost no greater joy than watching kids play in a sprinkler.

kassi and tristan have discovered network warcraft on the computers. free computer time is getting more and more difficult to find. another computer isn't the answer either. that would mean that toly could play too. then rome would be next. crap everyone needs their own computer. what sinister snowballing spiderweb have i stumbled into?

actually, kassi has been spending plenty of time on starfall. she'll be reading soon. toly is in the middle of a language explosion. he still gets frustrated when he can't get his point across. tristan is a full blown teenager at age six, almost seven. he is just so big and has his own strong opinions. rome is toly's minion of naughtiness. they are always getting into mischief.
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