Friday, June 19, 2009

i had no idea...

the chicken plucker exceeded my every expectation. i thought i knew how cool it was going to be. alas, it is too amazing to describe. even videos of it in action don't do it justice. it has forever changed our idea of butchering chicken.

i put so much effort into building it and making sure that it would last. i was worried that if it didn't work that i'd have to set the thing ablaze;)

the birds came out of the thing "slick" every single little pinfeather and part of the scales from the feet were removed.

i added the water sprayer to the top. that works ok. it looks cool but hardly worth the extra effort.

this is our set up.

the scald pot with propane burner and manual temperature control is on the left. tabitha's thermometer arrived to the event broken and we were worried that we'd have trouble. we have butchered and scalded plenty of chickens and have an idea what a good scald temperature/time is. we mostly just guessed at the proper scald time and temp. everything worked wonderfully.

we were making up little songs about the plucker and how wondrous it is.
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