Thursday, June 04, 2009

something new

you might know that last year we had a miserable garden failure. one disturbing fact is that one year ago we had a comparable garden. by kassi's birthday catastrophic failure was eminent. we got every blight and fungal problem known to tomatoes.

after wallowing in my misery i did some research beginning with danielle's suggestion. although liquid copper falls within the organic spectrum i decided against it. it just didn't feel right putting something caustic on my plants. danielle suggested serenade. i did a bit of research and was pleasantly surprised. bacillus subtilis the active ingredient in serenade is basically a pro-biotic for your garden. the story is quite interesting involving locals eating camel poo and nazi's being troubled by that.

anyway, during our horrible failure last year i bought some serenade. it arrived too late to help our failure last year. this year we are being pro-active and treating our tomatoes at the first sign of blight. we mixed it and sprayed this morning along with some surround product to protect against cucumber beetles. now we have our fingers crossed and are hoping for great results.

after i got home from work today tabitha and i graded the top of the root cellar and inoculated it with mint rhizomes. i soaked it in with the hose and hope that every little piece flourishes. we dug the entire row from the garden and hauled it to the top of the mound. i had a friend once that got hair plugs, that is kinda what our root cellar looks like.
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