Sunday, November 09, 2008

fall photos

henry running to see me.

such a good dog.

i plan to put steel on the roof of this storage shed.

this is the steel. the stack just to the right.

the chickens are stalking me.

hungry eyes

zelda has grown quite a bit hasn't she?

milk waste chubbs them right up.

nimue enjoying her new feeder.

munch munch time for lunch

juat a nap in the sun

busy chickens

romneya will fall to his doom if left on the bed.

we've decided that all toly needs is a boomerang to be the feral child from mad max.

we've been buffing up on our post-apocalyptic movies since the world was going to hell in a hand basket.


pablo said...

Everyone looks like they're doing well. And the ship of state seems to be righting itself.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the pics. Henry is so cool looking right now in a scruffy way.

karl said...

wow, it has come full circle. my very first two people to comment* on my blog in the same post. i am so glad that you both are still with me. what a wonderful few years it has been. thank you there has been many times that i have considered giving up this blog. you both are responsible for my continuing in your small ways. thanks

*-tabitha started this blog and her friends commented at the start for her posts.

uncle matt said...

I f you give up this blog, I'll..I'll..well, I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be good!
There are some of us who depend on this for whatever reason. Go talk to Ron.

edifice rex said...

Great photos! All your animals always look so nice and healthy.

Ron said...

Hey, man, I love your pictures. The pigs are awesome... so interesting that they are black like that.

Speaking of post-apocalyptic movies... I'll have to bring some when we visit (SOON! I HOPE!). The 70's rocked (that way, anyway :)).

In between every post, I have a mini-give up fantasy. Then the clouds part. Cheer up, dude. :)


Rurality said...

After this and FC's blog, I think that my dog isn't nearly happy enough to see me.

Cute kids, as always!

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