Wednesday, November 26, 2008


toly has pneumonia. we are getting around to go to the distant medical facility for some high powered antibiotic. allegedly very painful. he had x-rays and they called last night with the confirmation and pressed the urgency that we need to head in for the shots first thing this morning. three daily consecutive shots--happy thanksgiving little man:(

tabitha is also sick...

rome has been sick and will be checked by the doctor today--arrgh...

tristan is relatively unscathed and kassi is fighting the good fight along with me.

after much reading and discussion on the subject i have developed a theory. autism might be an attempt at an evolutionary leap. given the fact that einstein, tesla among others were/are/alleged autistic lead me to this hypothesis. given the fact that we have compassionately disabled standard evolutionary measures God/mother-nature/the-creator has ferreted out another path. only time will tell?

or toly might just be a totoro;) thanks phoebe
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