Sunday, November 02, 2008

camp obama

we were one of 40,000 people to see future president obama yesterday.

the long line was grueling.

we did a drive by 1:00pm and saw the line and decided that we'd better get in line.

they didn't start letting us in until 6:30pm

barack obama didn't get there until 9:45pm.

it was amazing. we felt like we had to take the kids. if people knew in advance that they could see martin luther king or jfk they would have jumped at the chance. our kids can forever say that they were there, part of history.

the kids were exceptionally behaved considering the long long wait. we really felt like were part of something bigger than us all. everyone was hopeful, positive and energized. what a wonderful experience.

******** UPDATED ***********
tabitha was on the local news while we were in line--twice. the local springfield paper also has a photo of her
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