Friday, March 28, 2008

help in the garden

toly loves to run the tiller. tristan was giving his expert opinion. toly would have none of it--he has to do it his way.

toly was convinced that i needed this hammer. his method of taking a soil sample was to taste it--yummy.

this is the second row of onions with some mixed greens and beets.

here is a nice wide row of beets.

here is our over-wintered swiss chard. the arugula already went to seed.

here is the carrot bed. i dug out down to the sub soil and piled the dirt on a tarp. the soil from the 17 by 3 area amounted to about three wheelbarrow loads. i built some frames from some rough sawed wood. we then mixed in a load of compost and a load of sand. we pulled the edges of the tarp and folded the soil over and over. i set the frames about 1/2 half way into the earth. we added the carrot mix and soakers. if this method doesn't produce decent carrots then we'll cross them off our list.

i moved the bale ring form the cows mostly eaten bale. it becomes an instant bed.

my bees are happy with the peach blossoms. they are such wonderful creatures.

their activity is amazing.

the asparagus is about to start coming on. there are two tiny spear heads in this photo can you see them?
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