Sunday, December 04, 2005

cedar shavings

lots & lots of cedar shavings happen from sharpening cedar posts into fence posts. the process is relatively simple cut down the tree or in our case an entire grove. make 6-7 foot length poles, then sharpen them with the chainsaw. take a heavy pointy steel rod and start the holes wobble the rod around in the hole to make it conical and deep. drive the poles into the ground with a big sledge hammer. i used mikes 13lb post hammer. then run the wire fence. it is a simple process but it takes a while.

here is a picture of our chicken coop with the add on egg laying boxes.

this is the christmas tree that we got--it really makes the house smell like christmas.

the wood pile is growing still

this is the big hickory that it takes 3 pieces from this log to fill our porch with wood = 1 week of heat.
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