Sunday, October 02, 2011

soap making in the city

Our church has a bazaar coming up very soon. Our contribution was teaching soap making and making a bunch of soap. Tabitha put together a whole curriculum.

I made a bunch of soap molds the days leading up to the event.

They needed to greased up and put together.

father Stephan kept dropping in to see what was happening.

Kassi's Godmother sporting the latest in kitchen wear.

It was quite a production.

Not really something to eat.

mix until trace....

The pouring of the liquid soap.

Here is a bunch of cut soap from the day previous--an attempt to teach the whole process.

This soap is set and ready to cut.

Here I am at home cutting the soap made the the previous day at church.

I made this miter-box in Missouri.


Matthew Daughters said...

Glad to see the utilikilt is back to work also!

edifice rex said...

Very cool! I hope the bazaar is a great success. Maybe one day I'll learn to make soap. :)

Danielle said...

Used the last of the soap just recently that you all were gracious enough to share with my family. I pray you all are well. Give us an update when you get a chance.

Maggie Price said...

Can I get a recipe for your soap. Your pictures were so helpful and this is something I really want to learn. It looks like your molds are just pipes cut in half and then saran wrapped together? That is so awesome!


Maggie Price said...

Can I get your recipe for soap. This is something I really want to learn. Your molds look like pipes cut in half and then saran wrapped together? I love that, what a brilliant idea! I appreciate your help. Maggie

karl said...

matt, weather permitting..

annie, thank you. it was a great day. finally we have found a church that we truly love.

danielle, we are finally with soap again here.

maggie, our friend shared her special recipe. she makes a living from it. part of our agreement with her was we'd not disseminate it. our church bazaar was a special case. none of them will likely make soap without tabitha for our not for profit event. that said, has excellent recipes and they are very similar

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