Friday, October 19, 2012

flooring removal

We managed to get all the tack strip up from the downstairs. It was surprisingly difficult. The strips shredded into splinters instead of coming up in large pieces. I also made a dump run it was slightly over a ton. I had to wait in three queues, one for the mattresses, one for the refrigerators and the last for general refuse. Of course I had to wait to pay to get out too

If you ever know of, or become a person that puts down carpet padding. I have one request. Please be lousy and miserly at your job. Carpet padding doesn't need a staple every four inches. where is it gonna go anyway? it is frickin laying flat under the carpet. It doesn't need so many staples.

Also, I told Tabitha today that if she ever catches me building anything out of particle board shoot me on the spot--just put me out of my misery because surely have lost my mind.

It took me close to two hours to remove the vinyl and particle board underlayment from a small 4 by 7 hall section of the house. Three words, Ring Shank Nails. What is up with that? There were hundreds of them. Why?

By the end of the day tomorrow things will be very different at the O'Melay house. Progress is being made and it will be beautiful.

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