Friday, April 26, 2013

raised beds

A few weeks ago we built two raised bed out front of the house. This afternoon I built a double deep one for the back yard. It is the first of eight proposed beds. We hope to grow a substancial portion of our vegetables. First we had to dig down and kill all the invasive bamboo in that area.

This bed wil go right next to the old concrete pad. Eventually this concrete will get removed. For now we'll work around it.
Rome is my little helper.

He found some old toys. All the kids have been pretending that they are archeologists.

Here I am chopping the bamboo runners from under the slab. Die, Die, DIE....

This is a sketch of our general plan.

I got some copper based pressure treated (safe for food gardens) lumber.

Kassi and Toly were huge helpers.

This is Bamboo hell. We have spent many days digging in this area. I hate Bamboo now.

I don't feel this serious when I am in the moment.

I made my own brackets from some recycled angle aluminum.

Bolting it together.

Pre-drilling for the sides.

My ballest/helper enjoying the job.

Tristan saving the aluminum spirals for moustaches.

Cute Boy in his Communist party shirt. (I find that shirt very funny)


Noisy impact driver.

Kids in motion.

A gang of helpers. I wonder if there is a collective noun for "helpers" that are small kids?



It is shaping up.

We finished it before dark. This morning is Berkeley free compost day. Before daybreak I will take Tristan and Toly to get a few yards. It is hard work shoveling but well worth the effort.
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