Friday, March 25, 2016

Sealing it up.

After insulating exterior walls and around the chimney I closed it all in (sheet-rock and plywood). Around the chimney didn't need rigid insulation since it is only exposed to the cold from the crawl space and attic. The exterior of the house needed a vapor barrier of sorts. I cut rigid foam pieces and the spray-foam glued, sealed them in place. Not a perfect vapor barrier but until we re-side our house it will have to do.
The ceiling was difficult but Tabitha and Tristan were a big help. The ceiling in this half of the kitchen is 9ft tall. I made a small scaffold--of sorts. 
This plywood wall will be tiled and will have shelves and pot holders so I decided to put plywood behind to support everything. This way i won't have to find studs and be constrained as to where I put brackets and supports. The plywood wall also doubled as a sheer-wall around the chimney--safety first.
Here is where the sink will go. It will have an outlet for the 180° hot-water dispenser under the sink.
This is the wall behind Hieronymus (the Convection oven). 
I had to put in heavy gauge 220 wire for his power needs. 
Most of the mud-work is done. This weekend will be final mudding at the transition between stages, trim, primer and painting.
We were hoping to paint the hallway but these recent rains point toward a mystery. The freshly plastered hallway wall seems to show signs of moisture. This is likely due to a mis-connected drain vent in the wall cavity. This would be the second occasion where I discovered something of this nature. 

So, adding to the above list, we have to tear into the hallway wall. Unexpected more demolition--sad, so very sad...

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