Saturday, June 11, 2016

Presidential cutting table

 A friend from church was moving and gave us this awesome butcher block cutting table a couple of years ago. We love it, after we first got it Rome took a butcher knife and chopped it up on the edge. I was upset at the time. The mars were along the edge and we just left them. I always knew that I'd sand them out. Eventually, the table collected more "character" this is when we completely fell in love with butcher block as a working surface.
 While we were designing our kitchen this table was always the centerpiece. It has a tag on it somewhere that claims it a replica from the WhiteHouse kitchen. As the completion of the kitchen came to a close we took it outside and I sanded out the 1/4" chop marks on the edge and Tabitha oiled it with special butcher block oil. I also repaired the loose slats across the bottom.
Here it is moved into its final resting place. The washtub sink just behind it was only employed for a few more days after this photo. It was retired almost the moment the new farmhouse sink was deemed working. 

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