Thursday, April 14, 2005

could you help us choose a breed of chicken?

these are light Brahmas. i like that they are cold hardy and gentle. i also like the buff ones.

these are Dominiques, and i like them. but i think my father is going to keep this breed, and i would like something unique to us.

these are Barred Rocks, very reliable layers. i think, though, that they may be too common of a breed for me, i want something unusual.

the site these link to is very, very cool. we want cold hardy, large, gentle layers. one breed, all pullets.


stella said...

mcmurray is where we got our chicks from. they are very good quality. i love the brahmas...chickens with extra fluff are so cute!

no roosters to greet the dawn? i can't wait until ours start crowing...that's one thing i've missed not living in the country was a crowing rooster...and, they are good for keeping the ladies together too...they tend the flock, so to speak and try to herd them away from predators (hawks, foxes, etc).

Phoebe Gleeson said...

I emailed the very active Oklahoma homesteading list I'm on, with your criteria. Many of the folk on the list are in NE Oklahoma, so the conditions would be very similar.

I'll let you know what they suggest!

Kj said...

ooooh! I just found this link on your Xanga. Hope you don't mind. Our chickens are Buff-Brahmas...the rocks were really agressive and skittish. We love our buffs and their creamy white eggs. :) -Bright_eyed_orion_lass

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