Wednesday, April 06, 2005

it was going to happen someday!

it has begun. we realize we need far more money to move than we have. so, our frugal days must begin. (ok, it would have been nice if we had started this a while ago, but no use kicking ourselves over it!)

food is, by far, whare most of our money goes. we dont eat out really, we just eat a lot and have very high standards. (organically speaking). i refuse to give on the organics, but we could eat less expensive foods and waste less.

netflix has come to an end. sniffle.

we must avoid driving and parking tickets.

wow this is scary. i hope we can save some money. please!


Anonymous said...

sniffle. i just went to check my netflix and i noticed you guys were gone. so i came to check on here.

anyways...i am a real sap and i don't do well saying these things in person so i just wanted to say thanks for being my friend! a really good friend, at that! i'm shutting up now! i hope you don't think i'm nuts! -nataly!

Anonymous said...

omg delete my comment now, i'm mortified ! n

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