Wednesday, June 01, 2005

initial expenses

chest freezer: absolutely critical to our living on the cheap

air conditioner: highly recommended in southern missouri, esp. with tiny children

refrigerator: a definite need

wood stove like this one: better get one before winter!


Abigail said...

Have you considered the fridges from this site:

They're expensive, but they're very energy efficient.

tabitha said...

we have looked at them. the truth is we arent too concerned about electricity in a new model fridge- the area has hydroelectric in place.

we will see what we end up with, i desperately want a water filter/ ice maker. aren't i naughty!?

vespa_chick said...

I'd hold out for the icemaker. I like not having to deal with trays and always having ice. I wish ours had the built in filter for the icemaker, but they didn't start doing that till after we bought it. It's so much easier then having to change an external filter. I'm not a big fan of side by sides, but I'll agree that the water dispencers are kinda nifty.

stella said...

we don't have a/c here...really, it's not all that bad. maybe 2-3 weeks total that it would be nice to have but not necessary...i'd recommend getting a small inflatable pool (we got ours for $7.50 at target last's 6' x 10' x 3').

at night, you can usually get nice breezes blowing in to cool off the insides.

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