Sunday, October 30, 2005

chicken's new roost

the chickens have taken to the new wood pile for their roost. this little pile of wood besides the wood by the door is the only "dry/cured" wood that we have. this should last until the end of december. i hope to cut some more dry fell trees to last the winter.

kassi is so cute in her little wool diaper cover, pink converse shoes and tibetan dress.

coco, our rooster, has just started crowing. he is one happy bird he usually has half of his harem following him around at any given moment.

this is the area where our garden will be located. we are desperately looking at measures to keep the chickens out after we plant our precious years future next spring. those chickens ate all of our turnip sprouts this fall planting. we are looking at doing "wattle" style walls as in "wattle and daub". we can't really afford any other attractive solution. yes eventually we'll probably do earth-bag cob/lime plastered garden walls but we need an interum solution. i guess we could put in a normal chicken proof fence but they are ugly unless expensive.
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