Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tristan & Kassi got their shots

tristan & kassi both had Tetanus shots yesterday. tristan was first , i explained what was about to occur, he sat there and watched her put the needle in his leg, not a sound not even a flinch. then it was kassi's turn. tristan yelled "i told you not to hurt my girl" as the doctor cleaned her leg, he got really mad "don't hurt my girl". kassi cried from the poke and gave ME the look of betrayal. she quickly stopped crying but tristan stayed mad at the doctor and kept giving her dirty looks and saying i'll poke you if you hurt my girl. we nurture his protective behavior. tristan was measured and weighed the results were off the charts for height and weight. his weight is all muscle. his iron count was also off the charts--he is a carnivore. kassi was tall for her age and average for weight. tall and skinny there could be worse afflictions. iron count above average--omnivore, her favorite thing is cheese.
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