Wednesday, February 21, 2007

root cellar progress

i have made some real progress on the root cellar. this photo was mondays progress. as of last night i am flush with the ground. i am planning to make a ferro-crete arch for a roof the bury the whole thing. electricity will get installed with a inside light and an entry light over the door. my grand father built several ferro-crete structures on his property one of them held a reservoir for a water-fall. they were amazing organic structures that looked like rocks, trees, streams, ponds and hills. i plan to cover most of our ferro-crete structure with a mixture of recycled styrofoam and reinforced concrete as a layer of insulation. then i'll skim coat to make a water tight barrier and finally earth berm over the entire thing. i have a bunch of rock that will make the retaining wall at the entry and the front of the cellar.

i plan to berm earth onto the side of the pumphouse. that should stabilize the temperature in there to allow dry storage for other food items. if my styrofoam/reinforced-concrete plasters well i will plaster the side of the pump house also, otherwise i'll just have to install a water tight barrier.

kassi will dance for hours non stop. watching her dance is such a joy.

toly adores his siblings

tristan his hair is long and flowing
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