Tuesday, February 06, 2007

spring like conditions

today was t-shirt weather. i left work at bobs at 1:30 to come work in the yard. tabitha clipped the dead tops of the aspargus. kassi and i weeded. tristan and i got some straw that nimue already rejected and was busily trampling. we put the straw over the entire bed and cozied our baby asparagus in for the rest of the winter.

i also moved the mailbox back to the original location. we have decided to quit using our po box and receive our mail at home. the old postmaster recommended that we have the box across the street and i built a small inadequate approach berm. the mail delivery person said we needed to make it longer and wider. that is when we decided to start using a po box. through the grapevine we discovered that we could allegedly move the box to the original location and start using our cute little red mail box. when the bill came due for the po box i made a formal request to the new postmaster if we could really move our mailbox back where it was when we moved here. he consulted all the powers that be and verified that indeed we could move our mailbox back. a person might think *what a fiasco* well, it's all over now--as i knock crossed fingers on wood.

mike, tabitha's father, dropped by and needed my help installing his new show french doors. the entire family piled in the car and journeyed down there. it took a few minutes and a few remove and replaces but it is now in place and fairly square. the kids got to play with their new puppy. it is a blue heeler. the puppy is so cute. we almost got another puppy too. tabitha kept saying WWMD (what would matt do?) matt, my best friend, loves dogs and would certainly have gotten a new puppy.

if rosie were already trained we might consider another dog but two puppies means that misbehavior cannot be addressed when the guilty party isn't obvious.


uncle matt said...

Yes, WWMD? In my personal, bachelor opinion, you can never have too many dogs or children on a farm! Put 'em all to work!
Aside from that, another K9 is a great idea except to Rosie, who's used to being an only child. There may some jealousy issues. Do you think she could handle it?
Otherwise, having another dog on the ranch benefits everybody; Rosie has a friend to romp around with when she's not herding the kids, and she'll have company and someone to keep her warm during the winter. Another K9 benefits you because that's two dogs to chase off the garden-eatin' varmints, and keeps the kids company and warm during the winter (I forget...who sleeps on the porch?). Another dog also benefits the kids because of the new responsibilities of caring for them. Remember what you promised your parents when you wanted a dog? That's right! Pick up the pooh!

uncle matt said...

By the way, I don't know anything about children...

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