Thursday, November 22, 2007


you guessed it... we're expecting the fourth and littlest o'melay. hooray we love babies.

other news
  • i closed up the eaves on the milking house and it's ready to paint.
  • i built a cold frame (* see photo below)
  • i planted the garlic and mulched it with leaves.
  • i started a hot bed cold frame

that's a sliding glass door window pane.

i need some bales of straw for the next step of my hot bed. i read a few websites and the back to basics book. all of them required digging too deep for my taste. so i am using the frost protected shallow foundation concept to alter my need to have a huge hole in my garden. i did dig a foot deep, down to sub soil. i then added twenty or so inches of fresh "HOT" manure into the hole. i'll surround it with straw bales, add eight or ten inches of top soil and top it with double pane glass.

as the manure breaks down the anabolic, exothermic reaction heats the hot frame from below. we plan to plant arugula and maybe a few other leafy greens. if all goes well we'll be "in salad" all winter.
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