Saturday, November 24, 2007

where the bodies are buried

before i put the bales around this it looked like a fresh grave

i finished the hot bed / cold frame today

it looks like it is going to work. planting will start tomorrow.

this is the little pile of wood that was from a single little tree that was down near the ravine. the sections were laying in the forest litter. i wanted to wait until the snakes were gone before i lugged them to the house. i'll burn this wood late winter.


uncle matt said...

Go on...tell everybody. There ARE bodies in there! Are you still afraid of snakes after all those years with Quetzalcoatl?

pablo said...

I don't know anything about anything, of course, but I think I might angle those sheets of glass a bit so they could shed water and more importantly snow. I heavy snowfall might snap that glass. I'm guessing.

Alecto said...

omg Karl, that's fabulous!

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