Thursday, December 06, 2007

decorating the front door

the kids had a blast with tissue paper and liquid starch. they made stained glass art on the front door. tabitha and i did the unreachable areas.

top of door, i tried to make a sunset. can you tell which one it is?

this is the lower kids part. the light that comes through really gives the feel of an old cathedral.

this is our sorry looking tree. although, it is beginning to grow on me. notice the lack of ornamentation on the lower reaches. toly loves christmas ornaments. luckily the kitchen chair doesn't easily cross the scooting barrier threshold into the bathroom. otherwise, we'd have no place left to hang ornaments.

toly is very comfortable walking, running, hopping and especially climbing. his agility for his age scares me. the worst thing is he understands that pushing something to stand on will increase the trouble that he can get into. baby proofing the house has become impossible.

the hotbed and cold frame are doing marvelously. the arugula has been up for a few days. it was in the low 20's last night i'll check how it fared this morning.
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