Saturday, December 15, 2007

the intangible

there are certain things that make life better.

organic food is a great example where initially the difference is barely perceptible. after living eating mostly organically or locally farm-fresh the difference is huge. i get physically ill whenever i eat a meal of overly processed foods or hydrogenated oils.

we hardly eat out of plastic dishes even though we have kids. food and drink from plastic tastes funny. if a chef tries to make a soufflé and whipping the eggs in a plastic bowl it will fail. the molecular structure of plastic and egg protein is so close that they react during mixing and makes the soufflé not able to raise properly. scary right? i know that i don't want to consume petrol based non-foods.

we have a dyson vacuum because it's a chore to vacuum and using a dyson is almost a pleasure.

why are macs better than PCs? are they really worth the extra money?
macs are just better PERIOD. they are elegant and easy to use. a mac is intuitive and pleasant which makes it worth the extra expense. it is funny what you can learn to settle for. we had been condemned to a PC for too many years. the moment we unpackaged and plugged this computer in all of my concerns about the extra money immediately washed away. this thing is beautiful. i used a mac for many years and life was better then. i looked at things differently. all of those subtle differences came flooding back.

new photo uploaded from the camera. the computer automatically recognized the camera and had the photos waiting for me to work on.

picasa doesn't have a mac based application but they have an elegant solution that just plugs into iphoto.


mamabug said...

happy new computer! not to be a nay-sayer, but all NEW computers are lovely until they screw up. Then they aren't and mac is no different... yes, they have a cool interface, but when the install of software goes bad, it isn't as easy to fix as it used to be with OS9. I do think Mac caters to the graphically oriented person, but I think the key to a wonderful computer life (not spent in computer hell) is either a NEW computer or one that has little installed and gets cleaned regularly - particularly for adware and such.
But I won't be a pessimist - I am wishing you years and years of untroubled computer use!
And SO happy to hear that Diego and such run better for Tristan!

hillbilly2be said...

Macs certainly have a smoother interface, and they have worked hard on all those subtleties that make them have a better "fit" for many people. Sometimes, going with the cheaper option is just a false economy. Glad you enjoy the new computer.

Organic food sure does taste better than store-bought. We've been suffering all summer when our canned supplies did not cover all our needs. Hopefully, next year the garden will provide for most of our fresh food needs.


Anonymous said...

I worked for years on a series of PCs, but now I'm on a Mac, and I'll never go back. It does seem a more human-oriented computed. Now when I have to use a PC (and especially Windows) it all seems so primitive.


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