Thursday, May 29, 2008

28 days out of warranty

our "show" husqvarna tiller failed catastrophically. i was remiss to not blog about it but we were so ruined that i was scared to confront the reality of not having it. we bought it just over two years ago and it was twice as much as we could afford at the time. we did it anyway justifying the purchase "it is a longterm purchase." we bought it from a reputable company not a big box store.

i must say it was magic what this thing could do with hellish ozarks soil. it would tear rocks from the ground that wouldn't fit in a five gallon bucket. i admit that i worked this thing beyond any realistic expectations. tearing roots and rocks from virgin ozarks soil is no easy task and this thing did it time and time again only asking for a little bit of petrol and a dry place to live.

when i took it back for an autopsy i plead with anyone that would listen. "we live from our garden." "we must have this tiller." "anything that can be done for it must be covered by warranty" it was twenty days too late, they would say. after spending a few hours there pleading my case over and over they finally let me talk to the manager of the repair department. i gave him my best plea ever. he said, "he'd do what he could do."

i thanked him and slinked from sight with tristan in tow. i'm sure his sad eyes shored my story. i called two days later and asked if they knew anything yet. mark said he'd call me. i felt chastised. that was two weeks ago.

today mark called, personally. he said that he got them to cover the entire repair under warranty.


we are so blessed.

husqvarna really came through for us. mark at race brothers is the man. i sing an ode to them both if i could sing. the best i can do is to recommend them both as highly as my status allows. they are of yesteryear stock. the disposable economy we currently live has so few companies of this stature that it is a pleasant surprise to do business with them.
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