Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the tomatoes are in

or, it is too late to plant tomatoes. the handle on the tiller started to crack. i took it apart and brought it to work with me. after much calling and asking advice i ended up with someone from the phone book. he was great and fixed it straight away. i only had twenty dollars and he accepted it and a promise of some tomatoes since he was instrumental in their planting.

tabitha planted while i prepared the soil and ran interference for the kids.

this is our sweet potato planting. we used the mowed winter wheat clippings from the tomato rows.

the kids managed to keep themselves busy.

our newly sewn clover is coming up really nicely in the resting pasture. the cows are out on the new pasture until this gets a chance to grow a bit.

here is my empty compost bin.

here they all are. the three outer ones are going to get turned into the center larger one very soon. my composting collecting endeavors have all but halted since the cows are fertilizing the new paddock. the chickens have been scattering their manure most efficiently.

this is the new chicken tractor hunkered down for the coming rains--that are conveniently timed to water our newly planted tomatoes.

beets beets and more beets. yum we love beets.

pretty little leafy greens and onions in a row.

cabbages and broccoli.

here is the swiss chard--our staple leafy green.

here is the newest hive. it has a second swarm combined with it. if you look closely you can see a light green debris at the front door. it is the news paper that separated the two groups of bees during their combining.

this is our elderberry tree. tabitha planted two smaller ones just around her. she, the tree, protects our house. the trash can is my attempt at a temporary rain barrel. the rock beds have dead wisteria and trumpet vine. we'll try again as soon as time allows.

these are our lovely jerusalem artichokes from tansy. i can't wait until we see how they produce here. we loved having them for dinner at her house.

i secretly stole away to the berry patch.

so tasty.

these are the tomatillos from sugar mountain.


sugarcreekfarm said...

I hope it's not too late to plant tomatoes or anything else! The weather here has kept us out of the garden so far.

hillbilly2be said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

What eye candy it is to get a digital tour of the garden. Looks amazing!

tansy said...

here i go with garden envy again! everything is looking great. i just keep plodding away, trying to plant a bit every day...i think i can, i think i can...

Kathie said...

All of it looks so very yummy. We love beets around here too. I always wonder how many more berries we would harvest if we weren't constantly snacking on them while we worked...

Beth said...

Thank you so much for the tour thru your garden. It is all so orderly!!

It looks great.


pablo said...

A lot of work, but a lot of result too. I envy you, Karl, but you're probably tired of hearing people say that to you all of the time.

David said...

My wife laughs at my pallet compost bins. Great blog youve got and ill be following it.


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