Thursday, February 26, 2009

seedlings are up everywhere!!!

there are only a few seedlings that aren't germinating.

don't mind the smudge on the camera lens

i'll clean it as soon as the battery is recharged.

the chicks are growing nicely.

i think that we might have gotten a rooster.

this is where they cozy-in in the green house.

it gets so hot in there during sunny days.

newfarmlife here is a photo response regarding your wheel attachment question on our chicken tractor.

in the middle of the smudge is the exposed end of a 3/4 emt pipe. it is just wired to the frame with heavy gauge wire.

see how it is just on the outside ready to receive the wheel with the axle.

i just lift the corner with the really heavy wire handle.

see how easily the wheel slips into place?

here it is all the way on.

this is my hopper style feeder.

the bent emt support is cut to fit while laying on a flat surface. if the bend is exactly 90° then the entire length is about 5.5 feet. just make it too long and mark it while in place on a flat surface. then cut it to the proper length. it attaches just like the side supports see this post
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