Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tomato seedlings are starting to sprout

we have a few seedlings popping up from the original allegedly cooked seeds. this is ten days after planting them. we are hopeful that more of them will make it. the lesson to be learned is, wait at least ten days before panicking.


Robbyn said...

Ah, love those NICE surprises :)

Danielle said...

I'm so glad.

Jessica said...

That's great advice, I was just looking at my seedlings yesterday and thought that I might have let them freeze in my laundry room.

Goodluck with the planting this year!

Shannon and Alex said...

Does this mean I need to start my tomatoes? Eek. I'm in zone 6. What about you?
Anyway, found this in a magazine and thought you all would enjoy another Missouri blog:

newfarmlife said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time, and want to ask a few questions about the chicken tractor plan that you posted on May 22, 2008. 1-How are the axle and wheels attached? 2-Did you put on a handle; where do you hold it to move it? 3-What length is the bent pipe in the middle area, and how is it attached?

I started a blog, but never continued writing. However, I did move back to my rural hometown from LA. I'm not a weirdo--I know you had a problem with someone before, but I just a novice re-farmer-ette.

Hope you can answer the questions. Love your blog--inspiring!

B in MN

karl said...

robbyn & danielle, thanks we are really happy now.

jessica, glad to help

shannon and alex, i used to read farmgirlfare all the time. she just fell out of my regular read list.

newfarmlife, the latest post has your full response.

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