Sunday, September 27, 2009

the end of an era

the electric company came by and cut down one of our two house shade trees. you might recall that it was hit by lightning several weeks ago.

they still must return with a larger saw to cut it down the rest of the way. it looks like the leaning tower of pisa. they left a huge bramble of branches and leaves.

i worked up some of the front to clear the driveway.

i estimate that i have roughly half of it cut up and probably a quarter of it split and stacked.

i'll stack this wood along the fence line by the road. the photo below shows how we had wood stacked  a few years ago and it made a nice privacy fence and sound buffer.

we moved one of our garden fences. henry's boundary moved too. he's still getting used to it.

we also exposed the last two round bales for the cows. i'll keep them in the upper paddock until these bales are gone. they really like mikes new millet hay. but we need to use this up.

we have been working long hard hours all weekend. tristan helps quite a bit.

we tore down most of the remaining tomato trellises.

the turnips seem to be doing nicely in the background.
we also surrounded the barn with a corral with a direct access pass through.

henry respects this boundary so far. the green gate was moved so we could close off the lower paddock separately from the barn corral.

here the barn is completely exposed so we can start working on it in earnest.

it is a neat place for the kids to play.

i also made a pallet pass through. ron should like this one. the bend is too sharp for the cows to pass through but henry passes through easily even at a full-run.

it is our version of agility training.

kassi stepped on a rusty nail while bare footed. her tetanus shots are current but we'll still take her for a booster monday or tuesday.

the pigs are really starting to tear up the their paddock. the tree roots are very exposed. good pigs.


sheila said...

wow, looking good. So much work being done. Can't believe how big Tristan is looking. Maybe it's the hair cut, but the baby look is passing and he looks like he is a very capable worker now. Strong and sturdy looking.

Pablo said...

Exciting times at Chez O'Melay.

Wendy said...

Oh! I'm so sorry to hear about Kassi's foot! Ouch! My daughter was running through the yard one day with shoes on, and she ran across a board and ran right out of her shoe when she stepped on a nail and it stuck in the soft, rubber sole. The nail pierced her foot enough to draw blood. She was up to date on Tetanus (the only vaccination that I don't avoid - for just that reason ;), and so I just soaked her foot in a solution of warm water and tea tree oil. I hope Kassi's foot heals quickly.

madchemist said...


I really like your less often/but longer/photo intensive posts of late. It gives a nice feeling for what is going on at your place and the work involved to keep it going. Keep up the great work.

Ed said...

I ran a nail clear through my foot many years ago. It was a painful ordeal for many weeks until it healed up. My thoughts are with your daughter.

jenny said...

Ouch! SOrry to hear about poor Kassi. I stepped on a nail this summer and I can sympathize with her pain. I also had to get a tetanus shot, since it had been years since I got one and with that, was a $500 hosp bill. Still paying on that one.

Looks like everyone is on the mend from the illnesses. My thoughts are with you.

Beau said...

Ouch for her foot! Tetanus booster- I need to think about that too. Sad to lose such a grand tree, but nice that you've got some of the wood. That older picture of your row of wood is amazing!

karl said...

sheila, thanks he can be a very big helper. we encourage this.

pablo, exciting and wierd.

wendy, we have a similar stance on this vaccination. farm life and rust nails are to be expected.

madchemist, thanks when i can't blog because of other obligations things queue up. i like the photo heavy post too. a blogger friend of mine ron used to be the king at them. although he was an excellent writer too.

ed, i can't keep shoes on that child. she was out today when i got home without them.

beau, yes tons of wood, although not a fair exchange for such an excellent shade tree. the light is different around the farm. weird..

Woody said...

Ohhh it makes my skin crawl when I hear about foot/nail stories. I ran a nail through my foot as well. Sore for a long while.

We lost a huge old oak to lightening that I had carefully built my daughters treehouse around. I was so conscience of the tree during construction not to attach the platform to the tree. The loss of the shade really does change the entire feel of the back of our home. That old fella kept us warm last winter though.


Leigh said...

Hi. I'm surfing Homesteading Webloggers and came across your blog. Pity about those shade trees. Also great use of pallets. I will suggest this to my DH.

RM said...

Hi Karl! Just letting you know I nominated you and your wonderful blog for the Kreativ Blogger award!

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

i can't stop oggling all that firewood. wow, that is a lot of wood. we only have a little bit aside for this year so far, but we got a really good lead on some standing dead that a friend has on his property. hope all is well.

warren said...

Wow! What a stack of wood...impress folks...impressive!

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