Monday, December 14, 2009

nothing good to report

henry has taken a turn for the worse. every morning when i go out to see him i creep up on him like i would if he were the grim reaper. his breathing is very shallow. i can't muster the will to put him down. every evening i wishfully entertain that he might pull out of it.

tristan has been sickly for the past few weeks. migratory lymph node swelling with pain. we find out about scheduling for a biopsy later today. the doctor is sure that it isn't anything really serious but has no real answers.

sorry to complain but i was feeling like a slacker and not posting. there is really nothing else consuming my brains processor right now.

the greenhouse took a mild setback during a cold night last week. i have installed a new heating method and things are alright for now.

i passed my certification test 90%. i can't get get certified yet because i took the harder test trying for a higher certification. they sent me a letter of decline because my lack of experience in the field. i have 12 months to reapply with further hours-in-field and training, otherwise i have to re-test.

this is a homemade christmas this year. purchased toys are at an all time low. we are struggling to make time to work on gifts. nosy kids attempt to thwart our every effort at secrecy.


Ang. said...

Sorry to hear about Henry. What happened to him?

Hopefully you find out what is afflicting Tristan soon.

Homemade Christmases are the best! Your kids will remember it more than the store bought ones!

Wendy said...

I love homemade Christmases. Shopping is just so stressful, and unlike my homemade gifts, I'm never sure that the person who is getting the gift will like it and that I haven't wasted my time (doing the shopping) AND my money (buying something they don't like/can't use).

I hope everyong feels better soon.

katie said...

You sound a bit exhausted and fed up. Hope you find out about Tristan soon and that it's nothing serious.
Sorry about Henry, too.
I'm sure you'll have a lovely homemade Christmas together.

It's me ...Mavis said...

I hope the little man feels better soon... and I agree... homemade gifts ARE the best! I hide my kids gifts in the suitcases. This kids Christmas photo is cute too :)

sheila said...

This has got to get better soon. I'll have Tristan and Henry in my thoughts tonight and hoping for full recovery for both. I wonder if the two illnesses are connected? Tick borne? Lyme disease? It is prevalent in my area this year. The ticks are everywhere and people and animals are getting sick. I worry about Lyme disease more than the highly publicized H1N1 flu.

Robbyn said...

Just stopped in and so sorry to hear about Tristan and Henry. Please hang in there! We'll be praying for them both. I hope your holidays are warm and secure for you all...we love you guys :)

Pablo said...

I've been in that same spot with my dogs as you are with Henry. Just remember you've given him a good life.

If that sword in the photo is any indication, I'm sure your home made gifts will be well done and much appreciated.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Prayers for Tristan and Henry and all the rest of you...

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Henry... I hadn't seen anything prior about his being sick.

And of course, I am praying daily for Tristan to recover and for the diagnosis to be something that leaves no problems behind. I have my church group's prayer chain also praying for his speedy recovery.

Woody said...

Karl...that just sucks about Tristan and Henry. Our kids and family protectors should be consuming our brains but hopefully soon with more happier and peaceful thoughts. Sharing your concerns with others is far from complaining.

My greenhouse remains skinless. I anticipated scoring some new double walled panels but have yet to pry them from the hands of their owner.

Congrats on the testing.

I have found several really cool gifts at some antique shops here. I'm sure one is going to knock the socks off my wife...if I told her what little I paid for it she would even be happier(she reads my blog and others so the present will remain unopened till xmas)


karl said...

ang, we think he has cancer.

wendy, thanks henry is holding his own. tristan is doing pretty good. test results will be back soon and we'll know much more then.

katie, whew we just did a huge installment today toward the homemade finale.

mavis, thanks we think they are kinda cute too.

sheila, tristan could be tick borne but henry has a huge mass on his side.

robbyn, thank you. we sent you christmas stuff today and will hopefully get to the pay-it-forward post, i made back in january, very soon.

pablo, those kids are so rough on stuff but those swords are holding up very well.

kelli & anonymous, thank you we sure can use all the well wishes and prayers right now.

woody, thank you for your word of support. i hate feeling like a complainer.

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