Thursday, February 04, 2010

the girls

the chickens are really laying. we have been getting three dozen eggs every day for a few days. yesterday i forked out their coop. during the last cold spell they hardly left the warmth of the indoors. our chickens don't like the snow. things were getting very piled up and smelly. i have a compost bin just outside their door. it was almost a quarter full before i started. in the end, i managed to nearly fill it entirely. my compost bins are made from four freight pallets. and usually hold about a yard and a half of compost. so i moved about a yard of manure yesterday.

i had let it go for a little too long. theoretically it should get removed with fifty percent bedding. this would make for a reasonable mix ratio of manure to brown matter. this stuff was concentrated straight chicken droppings. it will take some extra work to get this to a usable product. chicken manure is high powered stuff anyway and should always be used with caution.

i will encourage this to compost until this coming fall. my plan is to use this in my experiment toward making some tierra pietra. i'll need a substantial amount of charcoal to make the quantity i'm interested in. we'll initiate cooking over a wood fired grill this coming spring. throughout the summer i'll collect the dowsed charcoal from our quelched cooking fires. my goal is to make two yards of tierra pietra and see how it performs.

the upper newly exposed garden and yard will appreciate amending with this rich soil. we hope to start permanent herb beds in that area. there will be some exciting changes around here this spring.

i also finished wiring the chicken coop. the storage half needed a light since we check the nest boxes after dark when we close them up for the night. eventually the chicken responsibilities will fall onto the kids. kids appreciate well lit environments after dark--especially my kids.

our first garden

tabitha and i are going to share some farm photos with a group of people this weekend. we have been poring through tons of old photos in an effort to exhibit something comprehensive. it has been very nostalgic and have been feeling very accomplished. the raw effort and will that we have regularly exhausted to attempt to carve out our little place is very apparent in retrospect.

seeing the changes in our little farmstead. it started with an old house that was nearly fallen in. the yard was a bramble of scrub trees, poison ivy, sumac, oak saplings and mimosas. our intended garden patch was an impossible patch of small trees and rock.

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