Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the pigs are gone

i'll never do that again. by the time we got to the slaughter house my friends were very frightened. i had to shove them out of the back of the trailer. they obviously smelled the death.

all the while alternating scratching their back and shoving them onto the scale i was thinking i should have done this myself. i could have killed them much more humanely then what they were experiencing during their last moments on this mortal coil.

a simple bucket of grain and a bullet to the head would have suited me much more than shoving them out of that trailer. i really liked my friends the pigs and will forever kill my own in the future. even if it takes a few bullets like phoenix did it certainly would be better than that.

they weighed two hundred and ninety and three ten we kept the smaller one since mike was splitting his with a friend. we'll get both livers and all the lard.

good bye patty and link. we will miss you and thank you for your gift. i hope we gave you a great life.
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