Sunday, April 08, 2012

Chess has become a favored game in just a week

Toly has learned to play chess in a week. Sure he has seen Tristan and I play many times. About a week ago I sat for the first time and taught Toly all the pieces. Last night he beat Tabitha. He already uses pieces and combinations to achieve a common goal. He sees obvious attacks easily. Since that first game he has played hundreds of games. I see a real competition brewing between Toly and Tristan. Toly might have discovered something he can beat Tristan at with a reasonable amount of effort.

Currently the crew is getting sick again. Kassi has a stomach bug. We have somehow managed to keep from getting it for weeks and weeks now. I hope it concludes before next Saturday.

Tabitha, Kassi, Toly and rome will be Baptized next Saturday. Everyone is invited that can come. It will be a full immersion event.

My friend Walter at sugar mountain is having a fundraiser. It is a worthy cause if there ever was a worthy cause. kickstarter. click over there and get inspired about an extremely motivated and talented family.
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