Thursday, April 12, 2012


Toly has been planing chess for a couple of weeks. He might have discovered his super power. Now when Tristan beats Toly it is a "Big Deal." Tristan relishes in showing me the complexity of his checkmate piece placement. The standard pick each other down until few pieces are left always ends in a physical battle. This is strangely forcing elegance in the actual play. Berkeley chess club is likely in Tolys future.

We have been stricken with the great sicknesses of 2012. Kassi spent the night in the hospital in I.V. fluids the night before last. I finally succumbed stomach flu portion while Tabitha and Kassi were at childrens hospital. That was some evil business. My throat still hurts and I can hardly talk from the vomiting. I am barely on the mend but must return to work. We really need the money especially right now.

Tristan took care of me and the boys in true big brother fashion. I am so proud to know him, truly a remarkable person. Kassi looks much better but still is having trouble getting her stomach started after the illness shut her down. Toly is teaching Rome how to play chess. It is the cutest thing ever to listen to them. Rome wrote his name for the first time yesterday. He then proceeded to write it everywhere. Luckily it was only in chalk.

Tabitha and the kids are still on deck for baptism this Holy Saturday. This incapacitating illness has kept our attention else. It might be a good thing, but such a high price for distraction. The struggle continues...
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