Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chez O'Melay

We slept in our bedroom last night. It is an oasis in the sea of riffled through boxes.  In the past week we resurfaced the floor, repaired and plastered all the walls, installed new electrical outlets and switches, painted every surface with sealer/cover/primer, painted two coats of highest grade of bright white, and I installed some new trim. The room is a thing of beauty. Yesterday we found most of the bed parts and I put the bed together. Luckily I originally built it out of standard hardware and acquiring the missing parts was relatively painless.

How does that happen anyway--missing parts? I took the bed apart and personally put every piece of hardware in a plastic bag.  I can't empirically say which is to blame gremlins, senility or kids that love nuts and bolts--I have a good guess though... (trailing off muttering and grumbling) ...further more I discovered a flaw in my apple boxes as the perfect moving packaging. Some unnamed person (begins with T and ends with A) has managed to open several boxes and mix the lids (and labeling). Now it isn't simply difficult to find stuff, it is impossible. Luckily unpacking has begun in earnest and there is end in sight.

We moved our dressers into the room and unpacked clothes--underwear glorious underwear. There is a moderately sized clearing in the front room that was previously a labyrinth of teetering stacks of boxes and furniture. We loaded the fresh new closet with clothes and other closet stuff. Tabitha found bedding and we slept the sleep of the just. Did I mention the room is beautiful? Well, it is.

Guess what else happened? All the kids slept together in the dinning room. Tabitha and I slept alone together in our very own room the entire night. Rome slipped in with, the still sleeping, Tabitha for about three minutes this early morning but promptly decided a little non competitive computer time was slightly more savory.

The next thing on our list is the office/temporary-kids-room. That room currently holds all the bikes, tools and building supplies. Those things will have to move the dining room. We will rent the chipper-shredder version of the floor sander and rince and repeat most of the contents in the opening paragraph.

Father Stephan is traveling back east. Attending church is looking less likely this weekend. We missed our favorite, rosary night with friends last night. It is a sad thing. To retort though, this camping in our house is for the birds and it must end soon. One more giant push to get the office/temporary-kids-room finished will alter the reality around here to something almost humane.
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