Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sawdust machine

We need stop the madness of living in a house of boxes with little paths winding like a labyrinth. I know where nothing is, ever. The only way past this is to finish the master bedroom. Floors, paint and close the gaping hole I left in the wall from my shower plumbing exploits.

We rented a sander and went to work. It was grueling work with little visible reward. The layers were simply coming off too slowly. After about ten hours we admitted that this was "good enough." We switched to the next finer grit and gave it a once over. We decided that we'd leave the final grit for the morning just before we needed to return the sander.

Day 2
After sanding with sore muscles from the previous day and better light we finished it up.  I left with the rental sander. While I was gone Tabitha cleaned the entire room of dust. The next step was to seal the floor.

The gaping hole is still there from the shower but there is a 12 hour time gap between sealing and putting down the poly. We decided that people pay big money for "the distressed look."

While waiting for the sealer to dry I put new glass in the kitchen window.

I tore out the old fire trap gas wall heater.

I put in a quad outlet and drywall patched the hole.

Tabitha was scraping the overspray off the windows and noticed some glazing work that I needed to do. I use the window glazing in the tube. it works better for me. This widow got glazed and made openable.

The sealer was dry to the touch so I decided to work on the drywall behind the shower.

This wall needs an outlet. I also decided it could use a light switch to control one half of one of the outlets (1of the 4 plugs). This way we can plug in a floor lamp and operate it from a switch. I needed to go get a new box for the switch portion. 

Today is Sunday we are off to church then back to get a bit more floor work.


Dr. Freeze said...

Ah, we've so BTDT many times!

I see you were using the square orbital sander machine. Those are miserable and hardly take anything off. I've used them once and never again. The huge belt sander machines (often, they're made in Italy for some reason) are amazing and strip a floor in almost no time. I usually do a pass with 50 and then again with 80. Then we rent an orbital buffer with the sanding screens and do passes with 80 and 120 screens. But it looks like you're done with floor refinishing anyway at this point!

karl said...

next time we will rent the "chipper shredder". that is what I get for going to homedepot.

Pablo said...

Electricity so close to plumbing? I suppose you go with the opportunities you're presented with.

But when are you going to come to KC and do this kind of stuff for me???

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