Friday, November 20, 2015

Kitchen remodel

We are in the throughs of remodeling our kitchen. We are moving the kitchen toward the center of the house. I moved essential kitchen "things" from the old kitchen area (the new breakfast dining area) to a cramped makeshift kitchen.

This photo Kassiopeia is standing right in front of Fritz-the-dishwasher looking into the deconstruction zone.

Toly and I are tearing off the old drywall. I needed access to re-wire and re-plumb. I am enlarging the windows for a light dining area. Windows are waiting for me to pick them up. I must eat breakfast first.

Kassiopeia, her awesome hair, is helping bag the old walls.

The wiring was scary. Knob and tube, and romex wired together in-wall. sketchy...

Homedepot supply run.

Toly is an excellent helper. 

keeping busy

Tools in hand, learning life skills that will serve him well. 

Work like this is always a family affair. I can't imagine doing this stuff without their help. Tristan will always do the crappy job because he understand that is usually the MOST helpful thing he can do.

I'm off to get my windows...

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